Selling your items with The Guernsey Auction House is simple. If you have any items you wish to sell please contact The Guernsey Auction House via Instagram, Facebook or at It is always helpful to see a photograph of the item(s) you wish to sell.

The Guernsey Auction House will act as your agent in this process and offer all agreed items for sale at one of our auctions.

How does The Guernsey Auction House promote Lots in the run up to an Auction?

For each auction we produce a Catalogue of all Lots to be sold and this will be published online.

The Catalogue will include a description and photograph of each Lot. At your request we can publish an Estimate of the range in which it is anticipated the Lot might sell, but please note that we do not offer a valuation service and the Estimates are simply that.

The Guernsey Auction House will hold viewing days for Bidders to see Lots ‘in the flesh’.

Sadly, we cannot guarantee each Lot will sell nor the price at which it will.

What will I be charged when I sell an item?

Commission rates are 15% of the Hammer Price, subject to a minimum £5 charge.

If the Lot is unsold, The Guernsey Auction House will charge a £5 administration charge per Lot.

All items to be sold must be delivered to The Guernsey Auction House. If you are unable to deliver your Lots please let us know and we can arrange a collection service for an additional charge.

Please note that we do not charge an insurance fee; the item remains at your risk until its sale. If you want to ensure your item is covered under your current household insurance policy whilst at The Guernsey Auction House please contact your insurers.

What if my item doesn’t sell?

The Guernsey Auction House is passionate about re-homing items one way or another and whilst we are committed to achieving a sale for you sometimes this is just not possible. On our Sale Form we have included 3 options for you to choose from as a way of disposing of your item in the event it does not sell.

  1. You are able to collect the item from The Guernsey Auction House;
  2. We can gift the item to charity; or
  3. Dispose of the item at your cost.

At The Guernsey Auction House we are always open to inventive new environmentally friendly ways to re-home unwanted items. Please contact us if you have any fresh ideas.

Additional Useful Information

  1. Our address: No. 9 Under The Bridge, La Route de Carteret, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7YY
  2. Our telephone number: 07839 22 88 22 (please note that we may not always be able to answer)
  3. Our email address: