Established in January 2022, The Guernsey Auction House initially evolved out of the need to find another way to re-home general household and garden items and collectables.


Guernsey is a melting pot of cultures and communities.  The Island itself is renowned for its pottery, crafts, World War II militaria and gold and silver jewellery; these, together with the vast array of fabulous items coming with those moving to the Island, it never ceases to amaze us the incredible mix of things to be found on this small rock.


The Guernsey Auction House is not all about the rare and unusual; we are passionate about our Island and are always on the look out for creative ways to stop ‘unwanted’ or ‘no longer required’ items simply going into an attic or, worse still, the household waste or scrap systems in the Island.


Looking to sell or buy?  You’ve come to the right place!