The Guernsey Auction House holds online timed auctions through the Easylive Auction platform.


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What is an online timed auction?
Timed auctions run for a set period of time. The Guernsey Auction House timed auctions will run for a one week period and will conclude in the early evening of the last day (the Auction Day). Bidders do not visit the auction house on the Auction Day but register through Easy Live Auction and place bids directly on the The Guernsey Auction House Lot page throughout the week preceding and on the Auction Day.

As the auction progresses, Bidders can raise their bid up until the auction period has ended. At that point no more bids can be made and the Lot is sold to the highest Bidder (provided that the reserve (if any) is met or exceeded).

Why do we run a timed auction rather than an live auction?
Timed auctions are more accessible for Bidders. Live auctions predominantly take place on a week day when many potential Bidders are at work or for any number of reasons unable to attend in person.


Whilst most auction houses offer commission or phone bidding, the Bidder still needs to be organised; something not always possible with today’s hectic lifestyles.


Covid-19 has had an impact on all and, understandably, many people are wary of being in confined spaces with others for any length of time. Timed auctions enable Bidders to take part in an auction from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Can I view the items?
Absolutely! The Guernsey Auction House will publish times when Lots can be viewed. Viewing days will be publicised on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Alternatively, just email us at and we will provide you with the details.